Adult Summer Reading Club review

From Laura Caran

 Title/Author Hallelujah Anyway/Anne Lamont

This was about forgiveness and mercy and how having mercy for self and others offers a better life. Anne Lamont is a recovering alcoholic, and she shares insight into her own upbringing and pain growing up. She has shared her story and has shown mercy for herself as well as many of her close friends. She says sharing is a blessing. She shares several biblical stories as evidence. It was an interesting read. How many stars does the book deserve? ☆☆

Adult Summer Reading Club reviews

From Elaine Pasquali


The Belles of Solace Glen / Susan S. James
Orphaned at 18, Flip Paxton was “adopted” by several women of Solace Glen. Flip is an independent entrepreneur, operating her own cleaning service. Leona, one of Flip”s “mothers,” dies suddenly, leaving the Bell family Bible to Flip and three letters written by a Civil War general, J.E.B. Stuart, to her niece, Lee. The letters reveal a torrid love affair between Gen. Stuart and an unknown woman from Solace Glen. Mysterious “accidents” begin to happen to Flip, Lee and others named in Leona’s will. Who wants the family Bible and the letters enough to kill? Ms. James is an excellent story teller and I found myself thoroughly enjoying the novel. How many stars does the book deserve?
Staying Home Is a Killer / Sara Rosett

This book is part of the “Mom Zone Mystery” series. Ellie Avery is a military wife, mother of a toddler, and owner of her own business. After the murder of her good friend, Penny, followed by the murder of wing commander General Bedford’s wife, Ellie finds herself a person of interest. Unknown to others, General Bedford is the leader of a ring that smuggles antiquities. Ellie sets about to solve the mystery, find the killers, and clear herself. While this is light reading, it is also interesting reading. Ms Rosett has authored a fast paced, engrossing novel.
How many stars does the book deserve?