Adult Summer Reading Club review

From Diana Murphy

The Light We Lost/Jill Santopolo
This book is basically about a woman who never forgets her first love, even after getting married to someone else she loves and having children and a successful career… there is still something nagging at the back of her mind that won’t let her forget. After a strong first chapter, the book lagged a bit and but then picked up again about a quarter of the way through and I’m glad I stuck it out. The protagonist makes some questionable choices but I’m sure many people can relate to her “what if” storyline.
How many stars does the book deserve?

Adult Summer Reading Club review

Name Elaine Pasquali

Title/Author No Place Like Home Mary Higgins Clark
At the age of 10, Liza Barton killed her mother and shot her mother’s estranged husband. He claimed it was a deliberate act. Liza was adopted by relatives and renamed Celia. Fast forward two decades. Celia is a successful interior designer, widowed with a son, and recently remarried to an attorney, Alex. Alex decides to “surprise” Celia with a new home, which happens to be her childhood home. Gradually it becomes evident that someone knows Celia’s identity and this makes both Celia and her son targets of a killer. A real thriller in the Mary Higgins Clark fashion. How many stars does the book deserve? ☆☆☆☆


Adult Summer Reading Club review

From Pat Wagner

Title/Author Oath Of Honor by Matthew Betley

This is a fast exciting read of a former Marine by a former Marine. The story plot leads the reader from the remote Aleutians islands, DC, Spain, thru Europe and then to the Sudan. The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force Abel investigates Russian, Chinese, and North Korean politician plots. The author has plans to write four more novels after this 2017 book. I think if you like thrillers this is one for you. How many stars does the book deserve? ☆☆☆☆