Adult Summer Reading Club reviews

From Elaine Pasquali

Stalemate Iris Johansen
Deep in Colombia’s jungles, Eve Duncan is the pawn of the CIA and two ruthless war lords, Montalvo and his nemesis, Diaz. Lured by the hope of finding the remains of Bonnie, her murdered daughter, Eve has agreed to reconstruct the skull of Montalvo’s murdered wife. Eve’s family is also in danger, and Joe Quinn, her significant other, is almost killed. An additional complication involves Eve’s identification with Montalvo’s darker side and her sexual attraction to him. As always, Johansen has written a fast paced, engaging novel.
How many stars does the book deserve?
The Wedding Girl Madeline Wickham

Wickham is the pen name for Sophie Kinsella, author of the Shopaholic series. I am not a fan of the series, so I was very pleasantly surprised to enjoy this novel. A wedding is sabotaged by family secrets. One of these secrets is the bride’s previous marriage, a marriage that was never legally dissolved. Family dynamics are complicated and family communication is poor. While this novel is light reading, it is not “fluff” reading. I highly recommend it and plan to read more Wickham novels.
How many stars does the book deserve?

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