Adult Summer Reading Club reviews

From E C

 Title/Author Hunted/Meagan Spooner

Though not wholly original, this take on Beauty and the Beast adds an additional fairy tale twist from a source you wouldn’t expect. Yeva, the plucky heroine, is not always sensible but generally likable, and you root for her to get her happy ending. The only sore spot comes from certain clunky conversations that slow the narrative and may have you scratching your head, but overall a fun read for teen and adult alike. How many stars does the book deserve? ☆☆☆
Title/Author In Calabria/Peter S. Beagle

The brilliantly lyrical author of The Last Unicorn and The Unicorn Sonata has done it again. Beagle has turned to unicorns over and over to remind us of the wonder we so often forget as a rapid-paced modern world moves by. That modern world goes straight up against the mythic in an odd epic of tiny proportions. On one side stands Claudio Bianchi, out-of-touch farmer and sometime poet who has discovered a unicorn on his farm in provincial Italy. Against him are a strange cast of characters – reporters, gangsters, and PETA-like protesters who invade when they uncover his secret. Beagle weaves the conflict together like the master he is, setting the stage for a confrontation that asks you to consider: can the ephemeral beauty of nature ever truly be captured? How many stars does the book deserve? ☆☆☆☆

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