Adult Summer Reading Club review

From Elaine Pasquali

Sweet Liar Jude Deveraux

Samantha’s father dies and leaves his estate to her, with the proviso that she spend a year in New York City searching for her grandmother. “Maxie,” who had disappeared years ago. Before his death, Samantha’s father had arranged for Michael Taggert to look after Samantha and help her in her search. The relationship between Mike and Samantha can best be described as “ knight in shining armor rescues damsel in distress.” Using guile and manipulation, Mike directs Sam’s life, teaching her about sex and intentionally impregnating her. Samantha “gratefully” blossoms under Mike’s tutelage. I found this relationship, which continuously casts Samantha in a dependent role, distressing. This was my first Jude Deveraux novel and if all her male-female relationships follow this pattern, it will be my last.
How many stars does the book deserve?