Adult Summer Reading Club review

From Paulette Aspesi

Title/Author Trump’s War by Michael Savage

If you listen to his Savage Nation on radio, it is largely a recap & further explanations of the positions he takes and what he feels needs to be done in America. Conservative agenda. My feeling is that people who really care about this country should read & listen to BOTH sides of the issues and open up dialogues that can help us all in these trying times. This nation came about through very heated discussions and compromises that neither side were totally happy with but which worked to establish our nation. If the politicians who represent us today were around then, we would still be part of Britain. How many stars does the book deserve? ☆☆☆☆
Title/Author Allergy-Proof Your Life by Michelle Cook

Allergies seem to be a part of most people’s lives nowadays. This book tells you what might be causing them. Dairy products and sugar are major no-nos. If you are serious about making your life better when it comes to your health this is a book that you must buy and use as a guide to daily living. How many stars does the book deserve? ☆☆☆☆

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