Adult Summer Reading Club review

From Paulette Aspesi

Humans, Bow Down by James Patterson & Emily Raymond

The Great War is over & the Robots have won. Those humans who go along with them seem to be OK but others are treated brutally under inhuman conditions. Six, a feisty teen with her friend Dubs tries to defy authority. Then there is MikkyBo, a Hu-Bot- among the Elite of the robots. But she is not like them. Her programming is different and when she is told to act brutally against the humans, she finds it hard to do and then impossible. Once there is some opposition, the robots are being told by their Premier to annihilate the human race. Meanwhile Six’s grandfather who made the robots to begin with, is taking those Hu-Bots who did not want to be brutal to the humans, and the humans who are left counter with all-out war. The ending makes it seem like Patterson will follow with a sequel.
I think those who liked The Hunger Games will like this.
How many stars does the book deserve?

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