Summer Reading Club review

From Pat Wagner

Necessary Losses by Judith Viorst

Judith Viorst writes about natural losses all people go through in life. I tried to read it five years ago but put it down. This year I was ready to read and enjoy learning about the relationships many people have with loved ones. This book starts with the mother/infant relationship thru dying. Not an easy read but a book full of wisdom and knowledge.

Summer Reading Club review

From Jaison Antony

Title/Author Sams Teach Yourself Java in 21 Days/Rogers Cadenhead

I read this book to see if it would be helpful for my daughter who’s beginning to learn computer programming and Java. I’m a software engineer and have read many books involving Java but this provides the clearest instructions for her to grasp. Not only does this book explain concepts in a step-wise fashion, but it provides short quizzes and challenge questions at the end of each chapter. I would recommend this to any beginning programmer.

Summer Reading Club review

From Carol Grassel

Title/Author The Triangle:a year on the ground with New York’s Bloods & Crips/ Kevin Deutsch

This is a very interesting; however, disturbing book — unfortunately this is reality in a section of Hempstead, NY, which is approximately 20 miles from Dix Hills. How sad it is for all residents in “the triangle” but especially sad for those (both children and adults) who have no choice but to live there — DRUGS, DRUGS, DRUGS the root of so much evil — how sad that so many people have no regard for human life!

Summer Reading Club reviews

From Mary Quirindongo

Title/Author Sisters / Danielle Steel

Four sisters living in different parts of the world always come home for the holidays. This 4th of July will bring an unbelievable heartache to their family. Go with them on their journey to pick up their shattered souls throughout the year and come full circle a year later. As always Danielle Steel is a remarkable author.
Title/Author Sacred Sins/Nora Roberts

Someone has killed four women in Washington,D.C. with a priest’s white silk amice. The only clue left behind is a note pinned near the amice saying Her sins are forgiven her. The press has named him “the Priest”. You won’t want to but this book down and has an intriguing twist to the ending.