Summer Reading Club review

From Raymond Cantwell

Title/Author How to Sell your Screenplay by Lydia & Joan Wilen

If you are an aspiring screenwriter as I am, this is an unusually valuable read. The market for screenplays was covered, screenplay formatting points to keep in mind were included, as well as the history of the movie-making industry itself. Surprisingly, NYC was once the focus of American movie making, and Westerns were filmed in New Jersey. A strong-armed monopoly here, forced movie production to move to Hollywood. In the 30s Golden Age, they sold 80 million tickets a week. Copyright registration affords protection. There is additional protection after a potential buyer sees your screenplay. He does not want to face a plagiarism lawsuit, especially when he’ll have to hire someone to rewrite your ideas into the screenplay that you already wrote.

Summer Reading Club review

From Kim Sarrosick

Title/Author Sisterland/Curtis Sittenfeld

Another book by one of my favorite authors…I loved 3/4 of it, but the ending came way too quickly and things revealed about the main character/narrator turned me off to her (up until that point, I liked her and was “rooting” for her!) No spoilers, but this book provides interesting exploration of sisters (twins), marriage, motherhood, and psychic abilities (the twins have had somewhat of a sixth sense since childhood).

Summer Reading Club review

From deborah bono

Title/Author Bye,Bye Love / K.J. Larsen

If I had to categorize this book it would be a cute mystery; meaning, nothing gory that you would have to fast forward if watching a movie. Laced with good snickering humor now and then. A touch of romance too…two hunks as guardian angels…one should be so lucky. Oh and did I mention plenty of I-talian innuendos… “no problem”. Overall I would recommend the book, if just looking for light, enjoyable reading.

Summer Reading Club reviews

From Robin Kaufman

Caribbean Seashells

The copy right on this book is 1961. The pages look yellowed. Pictures are all black & white in this book, except for 4 pages that had a few colored photos. I like color photos & more up to date information. Not impressed with this book & could not find what I was looking for. There was information on types of shells and where to find them, but I still did not think this book was for me. book had over 300 pages.

Seashells in My Pocket

I took out 2 books from the library about seashells. This book was better than the other book I took out. It had over 170 pages. Book was very easy to read. It did not have any color photographs (I prefer color photographs especially about seashells). This is a great book for children & adults. It also describes birds in the areas where there are seashells. I recommend this book.