Summer Reading Club review

From Carol Grassel

Title/Author The Triangle:a year on the ground with New York’s Bloods & Crips/ Kevin Deutsch

This is a very interesting; however, disturbing book — unfortunately this is reality in a section of Hempstead, NY, which is approximately 20 miles from Dix Hills. How sad it is for all residents in “the triangle” but especially sad for those (both children and adults) who have no choice but to live there — DRUGS, DRUGS, DRUGS the root of so much evil — how sad that so many people have no regard for human life!

Summer Reading Club reviews

From Mary Quirindongo

Title/Author Sisters / Danielle Steel

Four sisters living in different parts of the world always come home for the holidays. This 4th of July will bring an unbelievable heartache to their family. Go with them on their journey to pick up their shattered souls throughout the year and come full circle a year later. As always Danielle Steel is a remarkable author.
Title/Author Sacred Sins/Nora Roberts

Someone has killed four women in Washington,D.C. with a priest’s white silk amice. The only clue left behind is a note pinned near the amice saying Her sins are forgiven her. The press has named him “the Priest”. You won’t want to but this book down and has an intriguing twist to the ending.

Summer Reading Club reviews

From Leslie Liebman

Title/Author The Escape/David Baldacci

This book is a fascinating, fast-paced murder mystery with well developed characters as well as an engrossing plot, as are all of Baldacci’s books. This book revolves around the US Army with the protagonist an Army CID officer investigating the unheard-of escape from a maximum security Army prison; the twist is the escapee is his older brother, an Air Force officer who was court martialed 2 yrs previous, found guilty & sentenced to life imprisonment. John Puller never believed in his brother’s guilt & now gets to investigate the original crime while attempting to locate & return his brother t prison. This is an engrossing read.

Title/Author Brooklyn/Colm Tobin

This book tells the story of an Irish girl who comes to America to make a better life for herself in the early 19th century. Although the book is fiction, it clearly portrays immigrant life in Brooklyn with an engrossing plot & well-developed characters. I highly recommend this book.

Title/Author Diana Galbadon/The Fiery Cross

This is the 4th book in the Outlander series. It continues the tale f the Scottish highlander Jamie Fraser from the 18th century & his wife Claire from the 20th century – yes they are from time periods 200 years apart but live together due to a little twist of time travel through a stone in a stone circle. The book series will appeal to anyone who loves a good romance, with very detailed historical background, as well as fantasy lovers due to the time travel.