Summer Reading Club reviews

From Elaine Pasquali

7th Heaven – James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

This is one of the Women’s Murder Club novels. The friends are involved with two different types of cases: serial arsen-murder by Pidge and Hawk and the probable murder of the former governor’s son by a high-end prostitute, Junie Moon. Are these cases linked; if so how? The end takes a surprise twist.

Margaret Truman’s Experiment in Murder – David Bain

This is one of Ms Truman’s Capital Crimes novels. Published four years after her death, it deals with a rogue CIA mind-control program. Using post hypnotic suggestion, unwitting subjects are programmed to assassinate specific individuals, the most notable is the popular frontrunner in a presidential election. Ms. Truman quickly engages the reader in the murderous plots and subterfuges. Her knowledge of Washington politics, programs and agencies, enriches the story. This is a truly RIVETING novel.

Tricky Twenty-Two – Janet Evanovich

While tracking FTAs, Stephanie and Lulu get involved with nefarious doings at the Zeta frat house and the criminal activities of their advisor, a biology professor intent on unleashing bubonic plague on the college campus. Hilarious antics ensue, such as Lulu trying to protect herself from plague infected fleas by wearing canine flea collars. Morelli and Ranger “rescue” Stephanie from close calls, but the ultimate surprise is the involvement of Stephanie’s mother. Mrs. Plum emerges as a mama bear protecting her young. Definitely one of Evanovich’s best novels.

Shopaholic to the Rescue – Sophie Kinsella

Shopaholic, Becky, her family and friends are on a mission to locate her missing dad. Her dad has advised his family not to try to find him, that he’ll be home as soon as he rights an injustice. Despite this, his family tracks him down,traveling through the American west to Las Vegas.It’s a fast read that would have benefitted from editing out about fifty pages.

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