Summer Reading Club review

From Sara Jane Neidl

The Last Painting of Sara De Vos-Dominic Smith
A Wealthy New Yorker named Marty de Groot has inherited painting by a 17 th c. woman painter .It is referred to as her ;last painting.
Artist and art restorer Ellie is talked into making an exact copy. When does a copy become a forgery ? When it’s substituted for the real thing. Marty suspects Ellie is the forger and plays cat and mouse games with her till he gets it back during a mix up in which both paintings are sent to a museum for exhibit.

Ellie tries to regain her professional standing by becoming a museum lecturer in Australia, her place of birth. She needs a change and goes to Leiden Holland where almost as an act of penance she burns the fake painting. Can it be a heavenly reward or an act of fate when in an old attic she finds another painting by Sara de Vos, truly her last.

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