Summer Reading Club reviews

From Diane Catalano

 Title/Author Along the Infinite Seas

This is the third book by Beatriz Williams in the Schuyler Sisters series. This book follows Pepper down to Florida where she is selling a very old car that she and her sister have fixed up when she was visiting a summer on the cape. She thinks she will sell the car and get money to help raise the baby she is carrying as a result of an affair with a politician. Little does she know that she gets wrapped up in the buyer’s life and becomes close to her family. It was a good book and it kept me interested throughout. I wish there was a fourth book in the series!

Title/Author Tiny Little Thing/ Beatriz Williams

This is the second book in the Schuyler Sisters series. This book follows Tiny, the sister who has the most grace and style. She married into a political family and she fits the mold they were looking for perfectly. That is until she remeets her husbands cousin who wins her over (and rekindles an old romance that they had) and she finds out her husband is cheating on her. It was a captivating read that takes place in the Cape Cod.

Title/Author The Secret Life of Violet Grant/Beatriz Williams

This is the first book in the Schuyler Sisters series. It follows the life of Vivian Grant. She find a suitcase that belonged to her Aunt, Violet Grant. She follows the clues uncovers the past. What she finds is not all great and her family’s history is something that they all wish to keep in the past. There is a good romance/love story in the book as well. Not my favorite of the three part series, but worth reading to see how the third sisters’ history place into the family dynamic.

Title/Author The Silent Wife/ A.S.A. Harrison 

If you liked Gone Girl, then you will like this book. It is told from the point of view of the wife, Jodi, a psychologist, and her husband, Todd. Turns out he has a liking for younger woman and ends up getting one pregnant. He wants a divorce and Jodi stands to lose everything. The story tells the story of what happens when he doesn’t want to play nice and she has no where else to turn.

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