Summer Reading Club reviews

From Elaine Pasquali

The Shadow of Your Smile – Mary Higgins Clark

Two themes thread through this story and come together in the end. One deals with the beatification of a nun, Sister Catherine, and the other with family identity. The doctor at the center of the story is the daughter of an orphaned father who always sought his family identity. She also has borne witness to the cure of a child who was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. The child’s mother prayed to Sister Catherine and he was cured. The two seemingly disparate plots are woven together seamlessly. I do wish Ms. Clark had integrated more of the beatification process, perhaps even including an epilogue culminating with Sister Catherine’s beatification. An engrossing story line that captivates the reader.

A Story Lately Told – Angelica Huston

I was disappointed in this autobiography and ultimately did not finish it. That was probably due to my misunderstanding of the purpose of the book. Ms. Huston dealt with the story of her “coming of age,” which is the subtitle of the book. I had anticipated it dealing with her adult life as well. I also found it difficult to keep straight all the family members and friends mentioned in the book. If I had approached the book with a different mind-set, I might have enjoyed it more.

U Is for Undertow – Sue Grafton

Ms. Grafton develops three story lines and then deftly merges them as she solves a decades old kidnaping and murder. All the while, she is grappling with her recently discovered relatives. One of Ms. Grafton’s most complex and engaging mysteries.

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