Summer Reading Club reviews

From Sara Jane Neidle

The Girl Who Wrote in Silk- Kelli Estes

During the 19 th Century the West coast states of the United States discriminated against the Chinese. Despite this animosity a young Chinese girl married a white man. They both suffer rejection from this union. The man dies and her young son is taken from her.

She has a strong need to preserve her Chinese heritage for future generations and does this by embroidering Chinese symbols on a silk jacket.

Almost a hundrd years later parts of the jacket are discovered and reunited with the missing jacket parts.The owner turns out to be the great grandson on the little boy that was taken from his Chinese mother. A romance and happy ending follow.

Saving Sophie -Balsom

Jack Sommers in order to ransom his daughter Sophie who was kidnapped by Jewish hating Arabic Grandfather in Hebron steals 88 million Dollars from a client .There were many counter plots ,some by murderous Russian Mafia, others by gamblers.In the meantime his law firm and Federal agents were also in pursuit.

Jack flees to Hawaii,a good place to hide out, where the scene is a good spot for romance as well. Jack meets a covert Israeli agent who fears that Grandpa ,a scientist has developed a new bacteria that can wipe out Israel. Jack,though wounded by the Russians goes to Hebron destroy the bacteria, kill Grandpa and rescue Sophie. Mission completed–alls well that ends well.


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