Summer Reading Club reviews

From Sharon Daly

Title/Author Bitter Poison Margaret Mayhew

A mystery set in a small English village. Following the annual Christmas production, one of the participants dies of an allergic reaction to mincemeat pie filled with almonds. A newcomer to the village, no one was aware that she was allergic to nuts. The first 3/4 quarters of the book gives the backgrounds of the village neighbors and is rather drawn out. However, the end of the book twists into intrigue when the death is said to be a murder, but can’t be proven.
Title/Author Troublemaker- Surviving Hollywood and Scientology Leah Remini

A biography by actress Leah Remini who grew up in the Church of Scientology. She reveals her perspective of the teachings of their doctrines as they relate to people, money and the outside world. Leah is a free thinker and questioned inconsistancies that she encountered. She was always chastised for her outspokeness. This meant fines, long study hours, punishment and interrogations by church heirarchy. She ultimately decides to break with the church even though it means never interacting again with people she knew from the past.

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