Summer Reading Club reviews

From Elaine Pasquali

Title/Author Dust – Patricia Cornwell
Kate Scarpetta, her husband, Benton, her niece, Lucy, and her old friend/colleague, Marino work together to find a serial killer. This killer has been operating. undiscovered and protected, for years, and the protection reaches into the hierarchy of the FBI. With Kate’s and Lucy’s lives in danger and Benton’s FBI career jeopardized, the case takes on a personal aspect. As always, Cornmwell weaves an intricate, fast-paced and engaging mystery.

Title/Author The Shop on Blossom Street – Debbie Macomber 
Since Ms. Macomber writes Hallmark TV scripts, I was afraid this book might read like one. Instead, characters were well developed and the plot engaging. Lydia Hoffman, who twice survived malignant brain tumors, opens a yarn shop. This new venture represents her dream of a new, cancer-free life. Lydia starts a beginning knitting class. Lydia and her three students, all with different backgrounds and problems, bond, develop personal insight, and support one another as they learn to knit. I plan to read the sequel, A Good Yarn.

 Title/Author The Cardinal Virtues – Fr. Andrew M.Greeley 
With his background as a sociologist and a Jesuit priest, no one can better tell a story about the dynamics of Irish Catholic families and the politics and schisms in the Catholic church. A pastor, Fr Lar, a long- ago political activist who constantly does battle with Church hierarchy, is burning out. “New Priest,” Fr Jamie, is charismatic and enthusiastic. Parallels with Billy Budd are frequent. Will Fr. Jamie, like Billy Budd, ultimately be destroyed by rigid and spite-filled people, in this case the Church hierarchy, who are committed to perpetuating the status quo? Will Fr. Lar succumb to burn out and take a sabbatical or retire? Greeley keeps the story flowing and engaging. If you like Greeley’s novels, you’ll enjoy this one.


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