Summer Reading Club review


From Nancy McGill

Title/Author Time of Fog and Fire/ Rhys Bowen

Time of Fog and Fire is the latest Molly Murphy mystery by Rhys Bowen. If you are not familiar with the series the main character is a young Irish immigrant woman in turn of the century(the previous turn) New York City. She becomes a detective, finds romance with a policeman and meets famous people of the early 1900’s. While this book is a little predictable, it does take Molly to San Francisco. Yes, spoiler alert, there is an earthquake! Try one of the earlier ones first.

Summer Reading Club review

From Kitty Craig

Title/Author Christmas on My Mind/Janet Dailey

This was a nice light-hearted book Christmas novel to read during the summer months. It gives the reader some anticipation of the upcoming holidays. Ms. Dailey depicts her characters so that you can see them as true-to-life. She is one of the authors that I enjoy reading.

Summer Reading Club review

From Elaine Pasquali

Title/Author In the Unlikely Event – Judy Blume

I usually don’t like books that alternate among the voices of central and peripheral characters. However, this novel grabbed me and I found myself thinking about it during the day. The story is fabricated around three actual plane crashes in the same New Jersey neighborhood, just a few weeks apart. Residents’ speculation about the cause of the disasters range from accident to sabotage to alien terrorism. The disasters affect the lives of teenage Miri and her family and friends in ways that they never could have anticipated. This is the first Judy Blume “adult” book that I have read. I definitely will read others.