Black man in a white coat : a doctor’s reflections on race and medicine

From Andrea Kalinowski

Author: Damon Tweedy

Title: Black man in a white coat : a doctor’s reflections on race and medicine

Black man in a white coat: a doctor’s reflections on race and medicine by Damon Tweedy is an eye-opener of a book. The author is both a physician and a patient. He is an African American man and with that racial status come some medical conditions which are more prevalent among African Americans. Damon,the author,suffers from high blood pressure as do many of his African American brothers and sisters. He began to dread hearing “It’s more common in blacks than in whites” in the medical lectures. In his memoir,Dr. Tweedy also discusses affirmative action and how it can be viewed both negatively and positively depending on the lens you are using. Dr.Tweedy,in addition, ponders his own medical commitment. Is he treating all his patients with equal dedication or because of empathy does he favor and/or persist more with certain individuals?

This book is a continuation of the medical kick I am currently on. The kick started a while ago with Call the nurse: true stories of a country nurse on a Scottish isle by Mary J. MacLeod, foreword by Lady Claire Macdonald of Macdonald, Do no harm: stories of life, death, and brain surgery by Henry Marsh, Dr. Mütter’s marvels: a true tale of intrigue and inno-vation at the dawn of modern medicine by Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz, Extreme medicine: how exploration transformed medicine in the twentieth century by Kevin Fong, God’s hotel: a doctor, a hospital, and a pilgrimage to the heart of medicine by Victoria Sweet, The shift: one nurse, twelve hours, four patients’ lives by Theresa Brown.



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