Summer Reading Club Review: Unnatural Exposure

From Elaine Pasquali

Title: Unnatural Exposure

Author: Patricia Cornwell

A number of murdered, dismembered corpses have turned up in the United and take states and Ireland. Is the newest corpse a victim of the “butcher?” or is a copycat murderer on the loose? Complicating matters is the possibility that this victim had a highly communicable disease. When the murderer begins communicating with Dr. Kay Scarpeta through her personal email, the case becomes personally threatening. Kay ‘s complex relationship with FBI profiler, Wesley Benton, further elevates Kay’s stress level. As always, Cornwell manages to keep the reader engrossed as the mystery unfolds.

Summer Reading Club Review: In Silence

From Elaine Pasquali

Title: In Silence

Author: Erica Spindler

Avery, an investigative journalist, returns to her home town to bury her father. Avery learns that her father, a loved and respected small-town doctor, committed suicide by setting himself on fire. Avery tries to come to grips with his suicide but can’t put aside her suspicion that her father was murdered. Avery learns of a rumored vigilante group, The Seven, who may be implicated in her father’s death but everyone denies that The Seven exist. Are the town-folk guilty of a conspiracy of silence or is she being fanciful? Whom among her friends can she trust? This is a page-turner filled with suspense.   I highly recommend the book.