Summer Reading Club Review: Princess Sultana’s Circle

From Patricia wagner

Title: Princess Sultana’s Circle

Author: Jean Sasson

story of the women of the Saudi royal family.   The lives they live in their country and the freedom they have when out of their country in London, Paris, etc. Also, the love of the harsh desert from where their ancestors lived.

Summer Reading Club Review: I Feel Bad about My Neck

From Elaine Pasquali

Title: I Feel Bad about My Neck

Author: Norah Ephron

The prolific and talented writer looks at aging in general and her aging in particular with humor and a jaundiced eye. Many laugh-out-loud look-backs at her life and advancing age. She was 60 plus when she wrote this book. The last chapter, “Considering the Alternative,” was poignant, especially since she died not too many years after publishing this autobiographical memoir. An up-lifting, interesting, witty, and fast reading book.