Summer Reading Club Review: Memories Are Made of This: Dean Martin- Through His Daughter’s Eyes

From Elaine Pasquali

Title: Memories Are Made of This: Dean Martin- Through His Daughter’s Eyes

Author: Deana Martin

In this autobiography, Deana Martin recounts her evolving relationship with her famous, complex and emotionally distant father. Deana was the youngest of four children from Dean’s first marriage to Betty MacDonald.   Mother Betty was a loving but alcoholic mother. Consequently, the children were neglected. Once Deana and her three siblings went to live with Dean, stepmother Jeanne, and their half siblings, the quality of their lives improved immensely. Deana discusses Dean’s divorces, his affairs, and his rise to fame, as well as the death of Dean’s son, Dean Paul, and Dean’s reconciliation with Jerry Lewis.   With the exception of Dean’s third wife, Cathy, there are no villains in this story, only victims. The children were victimized by their parents’ flaws. The parents fell victim to those very flaws. Through it all the children loved their father and he loved them. I have the greatest respect for Deana Martin, who is able to acknowledge her father’s flaws, praise his strengths, and celebrate her love for and pride in him. This is a “must read” for Dean Martin fans and admirers.


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