Summer Reading Club Reviews: Justice

From Elaine Pasquali

Title: Justice

Author: Faye Kellerman

Although billed as a Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus novel, Rina and family played a minor role in the book. I like the family angle, and I missed it. Otherwise, the book had the usual riveting quality of Kellerman’s books: character development, mystery, red herrings, and suspense. I highly recommend this book.

Summer Reading Club Reviews: Ricochet

From Elaine Pasquali

Title: Ricochet

Author: Sandra Brown

Five pages into this book, I was hooked. As with most of Brown’s novels, it was suspenseful, with many plot twists and turns. Judge Cato’s wife, Elise, shoots an intruder. Was it murder or self defense? Is she villain or intended victim? A week later Elise is involved in another murder. The same questions surface. Complicating the investigation is the lead detective’s obsessive lust for Elise and his partner’s obsessive jealousy of her. This book was a real page turner.