Summer Reading Club Review: The book of Honor

From Patricia Wagner

Title: The book of Honor

Author: Ted Gup

At the CIa headquarters there is a large marble wall with seventy-one Stars carved into it. Each star represents an agent who has died in the line of duty. At the base of the wall is the date and name of the agent but thirsty-six Stars have no names.   The identity of these “nameless stars has been the CIA secret. This author researched the history of some of these heroes and told a story of many remarkable Americans. I read this book in less than four days and recommended it to my husband.

The Last Oracle

From Nicole Simon

Title: The Last Oracle

Author: James Rollins

Book #5 in the Sigma Series opens with the sack of Delphi by Romans unhappy with the latest oracular projections. This historical novel journeys through Greece, Russia, and Romania. Without ruining the story line, those lost have been found, read this series in order!


From Sandi Rosenthal

Title: Us

Author: David NIcholls

A heartwarming and realistic story about a family and their relationships. I wished it had a happier ending for Douglas, he seemed to be such a nice guy and couldn’t help himself.


From Elaine Pasqual

Title: Blacklist

Author: Sara Paretsky

Sara Paretsky’s private detective, V.I. Warshawski, sets out to unravel the murder of an investigative reporter.   She soon discovers that his murder is connected to sexual, financial, social and political secrets that include murders and suicide . Added to this mix is an Egyptian youth suspected of terrorism and a headstrong, wealthy adolescent whose father and grandparents are shakers and movers. V.I.’s investigation is complicated by the McCarthy era’s HUAC and the Patriot Act. Due to the numerous characters involved and the complex plot this is a slow but engaging novel.