Murder at Brightwell

From Elaine Pasquali

Title: Murder at Brightwell

Author: Ashley Weaver

The setting is Brightwell, an elegant British seaside resort in the mid 1930s. Amory Ames, married to wealthy playboy Milo, travels to Brightwell with her idealized ex-fiancé, Gill Trent. The reason for accompanying Gill is to scuttle the marriage of Gill’s sister to a charming scoundrel. When the groom-to-be is murdered, Gill is the leading suspect. Milo unexpectedly arrives and murder is complicated with romantic intrigue. While Amory tries to prove Gill’s innocence, she is forced to look at her feelings for Gill and her love for Milo. I found myself repeatedly drawing comparisons with the love triangle in Gone with the Wind: Gill and Ashley Wilkes, Milo and Rhett Butler and Amory and Scarlet O’Hara. A pleasant read.

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