Trouble in Mudbug

From Mary Quirindongo

Title: Trouble in Mudbug

Author: Jana DeLeon

I loved it. Maryse can’t stand her mother-in-law. When Helena dies she feels obligated to go to the funeral. At the funeral Maryse sees something she can’t believe her. Helena is climbing out of the coffin and yelling at people. This book has humor,intrigue and suspense. This is my first time reading this author. I think you will love all the antics that go on in the book.The best part is that she wrote a series about Mudbug and its residents. So relax and enjoy, find out what happens when Maryse realizes she can see and hear Helena.

The ninth life of Louis Drax

From Robin McCracken

Title: The ninth life of Louis Drax

Author: Liz Jensen

Louis Drax survives a fall off a cliff while on a picnic with his parents. This happens on his ninth birthday. Still in a coma he is brought to Dr. Pascal Dannachet clinic where the events that take place around him become full of twist and turns with family members that gives a great surprise in the end.

Jamie Dornan of Fifty Shades of Grey is cast to play Dr. Pascal Dannachet in the up coming movie to be released soon. Good read

The Sweet Dead Life

From Elaine Pasquali

Title: The Sweet Dead Life

Author: Joy Preble

A story about a missing father, a depressed single mom, and two siblings: 16 year old Casey and 14 year old Jenna. Everything begins to change when Casey has a car accident while driving Jenna to the hospital.   Casey dies in the accident but is allowed to stay on earth. Under the mentoring of Amanda, a very unusual angel,Casey becomes Jenna’s guardian angel. Events reveal that Jenna and her mother are being poisoned. Amanda, Casey, and Jenna set out to solve the mystery surrounding the poisonings and their father’s disappearance. A quirky, charming and up-lifting novel.

Clara and Mr. Tiffany

From carol morisco

Title: Clara and Mr. Tiffany

Author: Susan Vreeland

Historical fiction telling the story of Clara Driscoll a designer for Louis Comfort Tiffany. It is set at the turn of the century New York City. Does a wonderful job of describing what life was like for young working woman during that time. Mr. Tiffany was one of the first to hire woman in a craft position, but they could not remain employed if they married.

Vreeland weaves into the story the many intricate steps involved in creating and executing stain glass windows, from design, to glass selection, to cutting and leading.

This time period gave us the bicycle as well as the subway and the Statue of Liberty. Good read.