From Patricia Wagner

Title: Ageless

Author: Suzanne Somers

This is one of Suzanne Sommers books. She is a person who has found for herself a better way to live her life. With Yoga and correct hormone levels she states that her daily life has more clarity. She is excited to wake up and has more energy for her seven businesses, her husband and her son. That in her thirties she did not have this energy. She lectures on how she can help people optimize their health. Reading this book gave me more insight to my body. I feel that to many she is a health hero who can encourage them to work on improving their body health. I copied a few pages and will speak to three doctors at my annual check ups about topics that I have read about in her book. Good read and informative for me.

American Assassin

From Nicole Simon

Title: American Assassin

Author: Vince Flynn

This series introduces you to the hero Mitch Rapp, recruited out of college for the CIA after learning of his girlfriends murder in the Pam Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. Vince Flynn does an excellent job at the backs troy of each character. This new covert operative begins a series of assignments portrayed as a means to identify who murdered his girlfriend. This new information leads him to grander plots of terrorism and creates a dynamic that envelopes the reader into a ‘Homeland’-like world.

Black Order

From Nicole Simon

Title: Black Order

Author: James Rollins

Book #3 in the Sigma Force series, opens up with the closing days of WWII and the Nazi exploration of biological intervention. Modern day look at Germany research provides the reader with a ‘what-if’ scenario of evolution. This book stretches from Germany, to Tibet, and finally to South Africa complete with mystical creatures called Ukafa. Quantum leaps dealing with quantum physics.