Map of Bones

From Nicole Simon

Title: Map of Bones

Author: James Rollins

Map of Bones, is the second book to the Sigma Force series. I think the best description of this book is: Raiders of the Lost Ark + Da Vinci Code + Mission Impossible.

Author James Rollins, wrote Map of Bones as the second installment to his Sigma Force series. Sigma Force, is a fictional US government organization under DARPA. This organisation recruits operatives who are scientists with military training, to combat terrorists organisations who attempt to use technology to threat world peace.

If you like history, science, tomb raiding, action thriller, and conspiracy theories, then read on, because you will definitely enjoy this book. Beginning in Germany, this fast paced plot explores both character development as well as historical references. Quick read, I finished in 2 days!


From Nicole Simon

Title: Sandstorm

Author: James Rollins

The first book in a series entitled Sigma Force, this book follows a secret covert force of military scientists under the auspice of DARPA as they begin on a new assignment. The assignment takes place in the desert of Omar and is packed with the ultimate action and adventure.