Blood Rubies

From Elaine Pasquali

Title: Blood Rubies

Author: Jane Cleland

Mystery surrounds a Faberege egg: it’s authenticity; it’s disappearance; it’s replacement by a poor reproduction.   Several people involved with the egg are murdered. An attempt is made on the life of Josie, an antique appraiser and a police consultant. A fast and interesting read.

We Are Water

From Melissa Livingston

Title: We Are Water

Author: Wally Lamb

As a social worker working with traumatized children, this book really resonated with my. The traumas that have affected members of this family have impacted the entire family. Although at times, emotionally difficult to read, I enjoyed watching how the family members worked together to heal deeply embedded wounds.

Poor Little Bitch Girl

From Kathryn Garrido

Title: Poor Little Bitch Girl

Author: Jackie Collins

This book was about three twenty something women one rich guy two mega movie stars and murder. The book is written from all perspectives and each chapter is a different point of view. This is a true Jackie Collins book lots of drama and sex. Even Lucky Santangelo has a presence as they try and figure out who murdered a mega movie star. There are several other story lines weaving through this book included a pregnant friend who gets kidnapped a superstar singer who must always have her way and an opening of of new club in Vegas. This is a fun read great book for sitting on the beach!!