Miracle dogs : rescue stories

From Andrea  Kalinowski

Author:  Liz Stavrinides

Title:   Miracle dogs : rescue stories

Miracle dogs: rescue stories by Liz Stavrinides is a collection of stories and photographs about rescue dogs. This book is not a one-sided interpretation. The dogs are rescued, yes, but in many instances, the people who adopt the rescues, are then rescued themselves, either physically or emotionally. The first story highlights the complexities of dealing with a child on the autism spectrum and how the dog was able to bridge the chasm. The dog fostered in Andrew feelings of empathy and sacrifice. Andrew, who eschewed hugs and comfort from his mother in particular, now tolerates them for the dog’s sake. Every time the mom wants a hug, she says to Andrew “A treat for the dog if you give me a hug” and Andrew with a put-upon sigh, complies. Another rescue dog alerted his owners on two separate occasions to an accident. In the first instance, the “father” of the dog fell and the dog ran into the house to alert the wife of the incident. He then returned to the “father’s” side and provided comfort. This same dog, Marvin, alerted the “father” when the blind “mother” fell in the night as she was navigating her home. He repaid their adoption of him a thousand-fold. The whole book is a testimony to the ability of animals to recover from abusive situations and to repay their “rescuers” in myriad ways. This book brought me to tears at times. An excellent, heartwarming collection of dog “tails” which encapsulate the benefits of the human-canine bond.

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