Your Inner Fish

From Alexus  Haddad

Title:  Your Inner Fish

 Author:  Neil Shubin

 An archeologist and his team try to find the evolution time animal that can both survive in land and water. They look for the animal with the bones that are capable of surviving these conditions. They end up finally finding the animal and this leads to a grand discovery to help solve evolution mysteries.

The Host

From Alexus Haddad

Title:  The Host 

Author:  Stephenie Meyer

The earth has been invaded by a species that takes over the minds of their human hosts while leaving their bodies intact, and most of humanity has succumbed. Melanie refuses to have her mind taken over. She understands the hard life of being a human. This book was okay.


From Alexus  Haddad

Title:  Mockingjay

Author:  Suzanne Collin

After her rescue by the rebels of District 13, Katniss is convinced to become “the Mockingjay”: a symbol of the rebellion against the ruling Capitol. As part of a deal, she demands that the leader of District 13, President Coin, grant immunity to all of the Hunger Games victors, including Peeta, and that Katniss receives the right to kill President Snow, the leader of Panem. Katniss and Peeta later get married and have 2 kids.