The Great Gatsby

From  Alexus  Haddad

Title:  The Great Gatsby

Author:  F. Scott Fitzgerald

 A 1920s era setting in Long Island, NY. This is an amazing novel that tells of the corruption and looseness of the Roaring Twenties. Jay Gatsby wants to fall back in love with his one true love, Daisy Buchanan. However, Daisy is married to a Yale polo player. As time goes on, we find out about Daisy’s and Gatsby’s “adventures” together when they were young.


From  Alexus Haddad

Title:  Wintergirls

Author:  Laurie Halse Anderson

Lia is an anorexic who still believes she must be the skinniest girl in school. Lia overcomes and realizes her problem in a near-death experience in a motel. Lia doesnt die because at the last minute of her emergency, she called 911. I think this is significant part of the book and tells how people can overcome their conditions.