Yarn Over Murder

From Francine Schwarz

Title:  Yarn Over Murder

Author:  Maggie Sefton

While Sefton was finishing her prior book wild fires broke out in the forests near her home.  She modified the end of that book to reflect the event  The new book begins with the fires and contains many real facts about the fires while the characters try to solve a murder.  Great summer reading.

Under Cold Stone

From  Francine Schwarz

Title:  Under Cold Stone

Author:  Vicki Delany

The latest in the Molly Malone series.  In this story the lives of the main characters move forward and the plot weaves together current events with past history.  If your a fan of the series you will enjoy the latest book.

Being Elmo. A puppeteer’s journey

From Ellen Druda

Author:  Philip Shane

Title:  Being Elmo. A puppeteer’s journey [videorecording DVD]

This is the story of Kevin Clash, who grew up genetically disposed to a future as a puppeteer.  As a child on the poor side of Baltimore, he was an avid watcher of Captain Kangaroo and Disney, and when Sesame Street rolled out, his desire to escape to magical places found its means through puppet creation like those he saw on TV.  Cutting up his father’s fur coat, he fashioned his first puppet, and from then on there was no stopping him.  He researched and practiced, eventually making enough puppets to fill his parents’ house, doing shows for the neighborhood kids, which eventually lead to a regular spot on a local television show.  From there, it was a logical and fast progression to network TV, then movies, until he finally got to work for his hero, Jim Henson.  Once he was part of Sesame Street, he found Elmo, and suddenly, there was a magical connection.  Kevin’s inner child and years of apprenticeship made Elmo a star.  But being a celebrity took its toll on Kevin’s personal life as he committed to more and more travel and time in character, losing connection with his wife and daughter.  He’s come to a balance now, between the demands of Elmo and the other forces in his life, but for one man, being Elmo comes a bit easier than being Kevin.