From the bottom up : one man’s crusade to clean America’s rivers

From Jackie Cantwell

Author:  Chad Pregracke

Title:   From the bottom up : one man’s crusade to clean America’s rivers

This is probably the most inspiring “call to action” book I’ve ever read. Chad was a teenager in East Moline, Illinois whose backyard was the Mississippi River. He and his family spent much time on the Mississippi and Illinois rivers. Chad and his brother worked as commercial shell divers and fishermen. Chad could not believe the amount of trash he found, including refrigerators, barrels, and cars. He began to call government agencies to see whose responsibility it was to clean up the rivers. He realized no one was going to do it, so he did it. Eventually he founded Living Lands and Waters, a non-profit foundation whose mission is to clean up rivers and to educate the public and schoolchildren about them. He organizes clean-ups that involve volunteers and corporate sponsors.  His passion, enthusiasm and charisma practically jump off the page! He’s been bestowed with many prestigious honors for his work, but all that seems to matter to him is to restore and protect our natural resources.  Chad says, “River cleanup could possibly be one of the most rewarding jobs in the world—for a few reasons: first and foremost, you get to live and work out on the river; second, you get to see the results of your work; and third, there’s not a day that someone doesn’t thank you for your hard work.” Read it, and be inspired!


Dragon Man

From Jeanne Coleman

Dragon Man by Gary Disher

 Inspector Hal Challis, an Australian, has a serial killer on his hands. Challis’s own wife, who is now in jail begging for his forgiveness– hired a hitman to simplify her life with her lover. Now Challis’s sergeant’s daughter is kidnapped, and time is running out.