Invisible Ellen

Fr0m Andrea Kalinowski

Author:  Shari Shattuck

Title:  Invisible Ellen

Have you ever wanted to be invisible? Have you ever wanted to slide along a wall and disappear into it or through the floorboards, perhaps, when someone is reading you the riot act? In Invisible Ellen by Shari Shattuck the principal character, Ellen, makes herself as invisible as possible. She observes the life of her neighbors and as an anthropologist would, records everything, but everything, in her notebooks. Her childhood was troubled and, being or attempting to be invisible, was a coping method. Do not move and the hunter cannot see you. Ellen is a habitual bus rider and her curiosity about the life of a blind rider forces her off the bus and onto her trail. This small act of curiosity, following the blind girl off the bus, somehow compels Ellen to a major act of bravery when she foils an attack on the blind girl. It is this one tiny impulsive action which begins the shredding of her invisibility shield. The blind girl, Temerity, draws Ellen back into the sometimes frustrating but sometimes wonderful world of humankind. It was a little slow to draw me in but overall a good, humorous read.


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