The Lives behind the Lines

From  elaine pasquali

Title:  The Lives behind the Lines

Author:  Lynn Johnston

Lynn Johnston is the creator of the comic strip For Better or for Worse.  In this book, she uses a narrative approach to explore the lives of the characters: life transitions, self-discovery and relationships (family,  inter-ethnic, inter-racial and inter-generational.)  What ensues is social commentary thoughtfully illustrated by examples from Johnston’s comic strips.  For anyone interested in comics and their social impact this book is a must-read.  As a devotee of For Better or for Worse, it’s a book  that I re-visit frequently.

Summer Sisters

From  Margaret Mezzacapo

Title:  Summer Sisters

Author:  Judy Blume

Basic premise – rich (but flaky) girl with summer home on Martha’s Vineyard befriends poor (but smart) girl. They become best friends although teenage (and beyond) angst occaisionally ensues (can you believe that two girls could have a crush on the same boy?  Oh, the horrors!)  Good summer reading – not too demanding – transports you to a beach house setting.