From Pat Wagner

Title:  Cell

Author:  Robin Cook

This suspense book imagines that insurance companies will take over doctor’s appointments with smart phones.  Also, the romantic life of a young fourth year emergency room resident adds interesting plot turns.  A fast read with serious iliac actions to the future health care system.

Pee Wee Football to the Pros: A Mother’s Perspective

From Gina Scaglione

Title:  Pee Wee Football to the Pros: A Mother’s Perspective

Author:  Lucinda Fowler

This is a book written by the mother of Melvin T. Fowler Jr., a former NFL player who graduated from High School West. My family and I had the privelage of meeting the entire Fowler family at the Dix Hills branch of the library in the winter. We received a copy of this book and had it autographed my Melvin. He was very sweet and had a wonderfully positive message for everyone in attendance that night.  The book itself describes a very sweet young man who was supported by obsessively caring parents.  While, honestly, obviously not the work of a professional author, I truly enjoyed this positive, inspiring story immensely.

The Man You’ll Marry

From  Elaine Pasquali

Title:  The Man You’ll Marry

Author:  Debbie Macomber

A “magical” wedding dress is the focus of the novel.  Family myth holds that whoever is in possession of the dress will marry the first man she sees.  Thus, the dress is passed on from aunt to niece to niece’s friend, and finally friend’s mother.  The reader witnesses the ensuing romances and romantic struggles.  A fast reading novel that could readily be adapted for a Hallmark Saturday night television show.  The Man You’ll Marry provides an enjoyable,  light change of pace and is analogous to palate cleansing sherbet enjoyed at the end of a heavy meal.

Off Season

From Sandi Rosenthal

Title:  Off Season

Author:  Ann Rivers Siddons

This book is about Lilly’s life and her summers in Maine. The good part of the book is the beautiful descriptions of Maine, but I found most of the book very drawn out. I stayed with it, but was disappointed with the ending and found it confusing.  After finishing the book, I actually had to go back a few chapters to see if I understood what happened.

It is hard for me to explain further without ruining the story for anyone who is about to read it, so I will just say that overall, I found it disappointing.