A Little Treasury of Love Poems

From  Nitika Garg

Title:  A Little Treasury of Love Poems.

Author:  John Holmes

This book covers the poetry of romantic love from earliest times to the present day. The 443 love poems are arranged in a sequence from the first awareness of love to love’s focus on one person, it’s urgency, the pain of love, to that lasting love through all of marriage and after death.

Vampire Academy

From  vendula schonfeldova

Title:  Vampire Academy 

Author:  Richelle Mead

Story is about two young best friends (a vampire princess and dampier who needs to protect the princess.) They are taken back to the university they run away from to be watched. Bad guys Strigois (bad vampires) want to kill the princess. The girls would not to be worried only because of strigois from outside of school, even from everyone at school. Suddenly weird things going on and princess is in danger. Everything end ups perfectly safe, girls are safe, in love and bad (one of the teachers) is killed because he wanted to destroy a princess. They successfully finishes their academic year and get ready for the other. Still need to watch each others back.

Bookmarked for Death

From Elaine Pasquali

Title:  Bookmarked for Death

Author:  Lorna Barrett

The Haven’t Got a Clue bookstore, owned by Tricia Miles, celebrates it’s anniversary by hosting a book signing for mystery writer Zoe Carter.  When Zoe is murdered during the book signing the celebration comes to a dead halt.  As the sheriff shows no progress in solving the case, Tricia takes matters into her own hands.  A fast paced, interesting book in large type for tired eyes.

Joy in the Morning

From Terry DelBalso

Title:  Joy in the Morning 

Author:  Betty Smith

This story begins in Brooklyn in 1927 with a young couple falling in love. Carl goes to the Midwest to study law and Annie follows him. The story is very realistic. It takes you along as two young kids try to make it in a grown up world with no family support after having married to young, according to their parents. You find yourself actually hoping for them in bad times and cheering for them in good times. It was one of those books you don’t want to put down.