For One More Day

From Lisa Lando

Title:  For One More Day

Author:  Mitch Albom

This is the story of a burnt out man who has car accident & has a visit with his dead mother. He learns the sacrifices she made & this changes the course of life.  It reads like a true story, but it’s not.  I liked this book, very heartwarming & uplifting.

Heaven Is For Real

From Lisa Lando

Title:  Heaven Is For Real

Author:  Todd Burpo

True story about a little boy who “dies”, meets God in heaven & how his visit changes the lives of his family.  I really enjoyed this book because it had a good message we should all try to live by.


From adele gresser

Title:  crossroads

Author:  belva plain

an infant is adopted into a rich and important family.  her new mother is the CEO of a thriving business but she has little knowledge on how to accept and help this little girl.  The girl seems to be an odd ball.  The life and trials of this now young lady makes her meet and befriend problem people.  This not one of the author’s better books