How to meet boys

From Vendula Schonfeldova
Title:  How to meet boys
Author:  Catherine Clark
Three best friends (the third one came along in the middle of the story, coming from Chicago) went for a summer break to Bridgeport, where grandparents of the girl Lucy lived there. Lucy worked with a boy from the long past in a story, Mikayla, the second girl worked in a club and fell for a coworker of Lucy and made a little drama while Lucy didn’t feel good around this boy. All ended up great. Girls found their boyfriends and enjoyed the summer. Happy Ending.

Nowhere but Home

From Elaine Pasquali
Title:  Nowhere but Home
Author:  Liza Palmer
Queenie Wake returns to her home town with a resume studded with  firings as a chef.  Queenie arrives on her sister, Merry Carole’s, doorstep with no plan for her future but many expectations of being shunned by the town people.  Merry Carole has made a life for herself and tries to help Queenie do the same.  Queenie’s way of coping has always been running: from the town, from her memories, from her anger.  Out of desperation, Queenie takes a job at a near-by prison preparing inmates’ last meals.  Thus, Queenie begins her journey of self-exploration.  A well-written and compelling read.

Linda Goodman’s Relationships signs

From vendula schonfeldova
Title:  Linda Goodman’s Relationships signs 
Author:  Linda Goodman
Individual and detailed analysis of how two people who love each other are compatible for each other. It helps to find you a key how to find a harmony in your relationship or avoid of potential trouble. All this by knowing birthdate and time of yours and person you love. Helps you to understand needs of the others.

What Time Were You Born?

From  Vendula Schonfeldova
Title:  What Time Were You Born?
Author:  Sasha Fenton
Closer look at our personality based on what time we were born (what time of day). Deeper description of personalities born in the morning, midday, after midday, afternoon and so on. All signs are divided into houses and groups. Review of characteristics known for sun signs and rising sings and its given us better look deeper inside of us.

Can’t we talk about something more pleasant? : a memoir

From  Margaret Mezzacapo
Author:  Roz Chast
Title:  Can’t we talk about something more pleasant? : a memoir 
You’ve undoubtedly seen Roz Chast’s artwork and cartoons, and probably derived pleasure and a few laughs from them. The answer to the question posed by the title is, “Yes, we could talk about ‘something more pleasant, but we’d miss out on the valuable story this book delivers.’ ”

Roz Chast’s parents were elderly, and were slipping slowly, but unfortunately, surely towards their last days. Chast, their only child, is thrust into the role of caretaker, a role she certainly didn’t consider to be one she desired. She details, in remarkable frankness and candor, her varying emotions towards this – many of which emotions are less than pleasant. Her artwork, which is featured throughout the book, elevates it to an even higher level. This is a book for adult children of elderly parents, for parents themselves, for caregivers, or for anyone. A particularly important piece of take-away information is to have that potentially uncomfortable talk about medical treatment at the end, last wishes, etc., while you can still have it comfortably and coherently, instead of waiting until all hell breaks loose and then fumbling around in the dark.