The Story Teller

From  Sandi Rosenthal
Title:  The Story Teller
Author:  Jodi Picoult
I have read a few of Jodi Picoult’s books and I am a fan of hers, but not of her latest book, The Story Teller. As in her other novels, The Story Teller is narrated by different voices, Sage, a girl who works in a bakery, Minka, Sage’s grandmother and concentration camp survivor, Josef, an ex Nazi, and others.
The book is well written and the author tells a story that needs to be heard, but I found Minka’s continuous sufferings in the Warsaw ghetto and at Auschwitz so heart wrenching that I nearly stopped reading. I nearly stopped reading after Josef’s passage on how he became an SS officer and the descriptions of his killing of thousands of Jews. But I kept reading hoping there would be a good twist; as Jodi Picoult often has in many of her other books. After painfully getting through the book, I found the ending very disappointing.



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