Mrs. Lincoln’s dressmaker

From: Adele gresser
Title: Mrs. Lincoln’s dressmaker
Author:  jennifer chiaverin
ELIZABETH, A FREE BLACK WAS AN EXCELLENT DRESSMAKER.  SHE EVENTUALLY BECAME THE CHIEF DRESSMAKER FOR LADIES OF IMPORTANCE AND BEFRIENDED MARY LINCOLN.  SHE PROSPERED BEING AT THE WHITE HOUSE AND PROSPERED AND BECAME A CONFIDANT OF MRS. LINCOLN. SHE ADMIRED PRESIDENT LINCOLN AND THOUGHT HIS STANCE ON SLAVERY WAS AS IT SHOULD BE.  WHEN THE PRESIDENT WAS ASSISINATED BY BOOTH MRS. LINCOLN WENT INTO A DEEP DEPRESSION AND ONLY THE ABILITY AND CARING OF ELIZABETH COULD HELP.  WHEN MRS. LINCOLN’s son died she was there to see mrs. Lincoln through the trama but the two deaths drove mrs. Lincoln over the edge.  mrs. Lincoln was a spendthrift and getting no money from the government as first was devastating. mrd. Lincoln dropped all her old friends and only elizasbeth could break through the sadness.  to get away from her sorrows, mary went to Europe and stopped seeing Elizabeth.  Elizabeth\’s business suffered greatly and awhile after the passing of mary Lincoln she died also.


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