From  Dawn Moore
Title:  Consequences
Author:  Aleathea Romig
This romantic/erotic Thriller walks along the line ala 50 Shades. A woman (Claire) is kidnapped and then mentally/physically tormented by a handsome man then.. falls in love with him? That woman worked on my last nerve. I honestly wanted to drop a gun into the pages of the book. WARNING: You will find yourself screaming at the pages of this book in public places because you are so infuriated. Maybe it’s me but I was relieved with the ending it was funky and you don\’t see it coming. (Unless you were yelling and dropping guns in the pages).  I can’t say I was happy with this book overall but nothing has gotten my angst up like that quite some time. Heck I am still pissed writing about it. #bookhangover. Maybe when I am finished being mad I’ll read part two.

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