The Golden Cup

From  Michele Szydlo
Title:  The Golden Cup
Author:  Belva Plain
I was disappointed.  This book is part of a saga beginning with Evergreen, and I read it out of order, so perhaps that colored my opinion.  I finished reading it, but it was not a favorite of mine.  I didn’t feel as though the characters were fully rounded and I wasn’t in love with any of them.  I have no desire to read the other books in this saga.

The Invention of Hugo Cabret

From Leslie Rode
Title:  The Invention of Hugo Cabret
Author:  Brian Selznick
Great fantasy/mystery book to read….even aloud to your older children.  Great story about a 12 year old poor orphaned boy living in Paris who basically goes on a journey that invites him into the lives of interesting people, which changes his own life forever.  There are many beautiful, intricate pencil drawings that are essential to the story.  A real picture book for adults that can be shared with children 🙂