Look me in the Eye

From Frank DelBalso
Title:  Look me in the Eye
Author:  John Elder Robinson
This is the memoirs of John Elder Robinson  who has Aspergers (an Autism spectrum disorder).  He is also the brother of Augusten Burroughs (NYT best seller : Running with Scissors).  His struggles socializing early in life are insightful as he did not yet know that he had this syndrome. His various jobs are interesting (guitar technician for the rock band Kiss). His family is dysfunctional. His practical jokes are unreal. This is great book for anyone who wants to understand the mentality of someone with Asperger’s syndrome. This is an easy and entertaining read.


From  Suzanne Boglioli
Title:  Inferno
Author:  Dan Brown
This was a fascinating page-turner, once again featuring symbology Professor Robert Langdon.  This takes place in Italy and Turkey, and the imagery describing the artwork and architecture is fascinating.  It was a wonderfully written mystery, as Prof. Langdon suffers short-term amnesia and must figure out why he is in Italy and why he is being chased.

The Wild Girl

From Donna Southard
Title:  The Wild Girl
Author:  Jim Fergus
I loved Fergus’ book, One Thousand White Woman, so I decided to read his book, The Wild Girl.  I loved how Fergus developed his characters and how he wrote the plot in a journal format.  I felt like I was traveling in a time machine when I was reading it. I appreciated the different cultural and socially economic perspectives that were identified through the plot.  In my opinion, this book was an adventurous love story with historical fiction intertwined.  I felt that it was a page-turner and one of the best books that I have read recently!