The Best of Me

From Terry DelBalso
Title:  The Best of Me
Author:  Nicholas Sparks
This book tells the story of how true love can span a lifetime and beyond. Two high school kids from the opposite side of the tracks fall in love. Life’s paths take them seperate ways. But destiny brings them back together. They both ended up different than planned. The one thing unchanged is their love. As adults they have to honor other obligations. True love though goes beyond the physical union and destiny unites the hearts in unexpected ways.

Back Spin

From Dawn Moore
Title:  Back Spin
Author:  Harlan Coben
The 4th installment of the Myron Bolitar crime series. This sports agent/detective with his friend Win and partner Esperanza are in the middle of another sports related whodunit. Myron is a smart alec I love him. The book flows and keeps you in suspense until the final pages as always. I will read this whole series.

Dead Man’s Grip

From  Eileen Effrat
Author:  Peter James
Dead Man’s Grip
The seventh and latest in James’ Detective Superintendent Roy Grace  mystery series  is a stand alone that can be  read without a  prior knowledge of Grace’s exploits.  This is a police procedural that I could not put down.  Grace investigates a traffic accident in Brighton where an American student dies.  This is no ordinary kid.  He happens to be the grandson of  one of New York’s most prominent “godfathers”.  Not satisfied   with letting the law take its course, the family of the deceased lets loose a brutal, innovative, and imaginative hit man to unleash revenge on the motorists involved.  For a fast paced read with a smart plot, this will keep you engaged from the beginning.