The Gift of an Ordinary Day

From Elaine Pasquali
Title:  The Gift of an Ordinary Day
Author:  Katrina Kenison
Kenison uproots her family from an upper middle class suburb to relocate to rural New Hampshire. The purpose: live a simpler life.  Kenison steam-roles over her husband and two sons with her relocation plans.  The family is uprooted; her youngest son is so unhappy he cries himself to sleep for a year.  The three month stay with her parents turns into three years.  Family finances are severely strained as is her marriage. For a while, Kenison’s perfectionism  becomes obsessive.  Eventually, she evolves, letting go of some of her need for control.  She begins to  treasure the ordinary moments of everyday life.  Her family moves forward and change becomes a fabric of their family life.  Was it worth the angst along the way?  You’ll have to judge that for yourself.