Stop the Wedding! A Romantic Comedy

From Rosemarie Jerome
Author:  Stephanie Bond
Stop the Wedding!  A Romantic Comedy
Annabelle Coakley’s widowed mother is getting married to Martin Castleberry. This is not good news. Castleberry is a playboy movie star. He has been married five times before and each wife is younger than her predecessor. Annabelle is a divorce lawyer, she has dealt with the pain and suffering of divorce. She does not want her mother to get hurt, so she must stop this wedding. Clay is Martin’s son. He is used to cleaning up his father’s messes. He wants to end this relationship before his father makes another big mistake. They are both on the same mission but never on the same track. It’s the formula for a humorous, light read. This exclusive Kindle eBook is available on our circulating Paperwhite Kindle.