Brain on Fire: my Month of Madness

From Margaret Mezzacapo
Author:  Susannah  Cahalan
Brain on Fire: my Month of Madness
Brain on Fire is the story of a 20-something who contracts a rare type of encephalitis. Due to the rarity of her physical illness, the symptoms are initially chalked up to mental illness. This is an interesting story, with one feature I found a little bumpy in the telling. She will, in several places, give a little anatomical/physiological/pathological explanation, which can be somewhat educational, but doesn’t seem, IMHO, to transition smoothly with the rest of the text.

Scary note: If someone living in New York City, and being hospitalized in a prestigious place like NYU Langone, must seemingly wait ages to be properly diagnosed, what might happen to someone with the same disease who does not have access to these resources?

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