Murder past due

From Andrea Kalinowski
Author:  Miranda  James
Murder past due
I love books and cats and not necessarily in that order so when I discovered a new author who combines my two loves, I was in heaven. Miranda James has a “Cat in the Stacks mystery” series which features an archivist/public librarian named Charlie Harris who is accompanied almost everywhere by his Maine Coon cat, Diesel. Diesel warbles, chirps, meows and manages to communicate quite easily with his owner. Charlie solves the mystery while Diesel provides sympathy and/or emotional support to Charlie and others. So far there are four titles in the series and they are, as follows: Murder past due, Classified as Murder, File M for murder, and Out of circulation. I can’t wait for the next Cat in the stacks mystery to appear on my bedside table.

The Time of the Wolf

From Rosemarie Jerome
Author:  James Wilde
The Time of the Wolf
No holds barred immersion into the treachery and brutality rampant in Medieval England. A visceral explosion of action that follows the path of revenge which created a hero, a demon, a warrior, an outlaw named Hereward. English King Edward is heirless and ailing, and William the Bastard, a Norman, waits to cut a bloody path to the English throne. Hereward leads the resistance against William. Hereward, the dark angel of war, risks everything to save the land he loves and Alric, a peaceful monk, strives to save his friend’s soul. This historical fiction has graphic violence and plenty of action.